Caronport to Quito


Many of you may not know that Briercrest College & Seminary have entered into a formal partnership together with Compassion Canada. Although there are various outworkings of this partnership, one way we have decided to work together is to offer a class entitled, “Child, Church, and Mission” at one of the locations where Compassion Canada works. Our first attempt at this is now under way in Ecuador–where I am writing from! Nine college students and two seminary students will spend this week in both classroom and field exposure under the direction of Barry Slaughenwhite (President of Compassion Canada) and Myra Daugherty (Instructor of Children’s Ministry from Briercrest). Aaron Gonyou (VP Compassion Canada) and I are serving as observers from our institutions respectively.

Yesterday we left Regina at 9:00 am and arrived here in Quito at about 11:00 pm. We had a few adventures along the way, including almost missing our connection in Chicago to Atlanta due to slow times moving through security and a slightly delayed flight out of Regina. Unfortunately, our two seminary students got way-laid and won’t be arriving until tonight. I also had the very unpleasant experience of arriving in Quito without my suitcase! (They promise it will arrive tonight, but we will see!)

This morning we will have breakfast together and then see a few sights in Quito. We then leave for a town north of the city named Otavalo where we will be spending the bulk of the week.

So far, we’ve seen Quito only at night so the only thing I have is a picture taken from my hotel room this morning. They tell us Ecuador is strikingly beautiful and as you can see, I’m pretty sure they will be right! Keep posted for more this week.