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Well, vacation 2011 is over and hopefully I’ll be back to getting some things posted on Theommentary in the near future. In the meantime, I thought I’d get you caught up on a few things going on in my professional world.

First, as of August 1, I’ve started a new post here at Briercrest College and Seminary. I officially completed 6 years of being seminary dean this past academic year and have now transitioned to the post entitled, “Executive Lead for Strategic and Ministry Partnership.” My academic title has also changed to “Associate Professor of Theology, Church and Public Life.” What does this all mean?

Practically, it means that I will have a bit more time devoted to research and writing (which was in short supply as a dean) and will also be travelling a bit more for Briercrest. In my travels I’ll be exploring new partners and partnerships with people and organizations that are likeminded about what we do at Briercrest. In this regard, if you have ideas about ways that you or your organization might want to work together with Briercrest College and Seminary, be sure to drop me a line.

Beyond that, I will be focusing my writing to explore more intentionally issues of theological interplay between the mission of the Church and its presence in the public square. I’m just beginning a reading programme for myself to catch up in some of the literature.

Finally, about the title of this post: I was pleased to receive an email from Catherine over at “The Divining Blog” that Theommentary was included in their “Top 50 Blogs by Divinity and Theology Professors” list. Thanks, Catherine! You might want to mosey on over there to see who else was listed. I found some interesting blogs that I wasn’t familiar with myself.

Hope to see you all a bit more in the coming months.


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  1. Hey David,

    I hope you enjoy your new position – I’ll be interested to see what sort of initiatives and partnerships you develop. Try to get to another Barth conference soon so we can catch up.

    As for your reading list, be sure to read John Flett’s book.

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