Church Dogmatics – Best deal ever!

Most of you who read my blog will know what a great deal the good folks over at Christian Book Distributors have been giving for the new Hendricksen Publishers reprint of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. I’ve seen several copies of these floating around here at Briercrest and I have to say, the quality is fantastic. Who would have thought that you could get all 14 volumes for $99?

Well, if you still haven’t gotten your own set of the CD, I’m sad to say that the price has gone up a bit to $129.99 (USD)–which is still an amazing deal. But if you feel like you’ve missed out on the previous deal, I just discovered that CBD has “slightly imperfect” sets of the Church Dogmatics available for…are you ready for it… $97.49 (USD)!!!

I’ve placed a direct link to this deal over there. Check it out! ——>


One thought on “Church Dogmatics – Best deal ever!

  1. Glad to see your endorsement of the new Church Dogmatics at reduced price – I first stumbled upon this “deal” several months ago … and promptly shook my head and wiped my eyes!

    Definitely on my “wish list” for the coming year!

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