Education Lost: An Interview

Birks Building, McGill University

For those who want a stimulating discussion on the concept of the “university” (especially for those who suspect that “it” is quickly disappearing!), I’d recommend reading this interview with Douglas Farrow of McGill University.

I loved this line:

If you give up believing in truth, you give up believing in the university. Then what? Well, then you try to play power games and take as much advantage as you can of whatever resources the university has. If it’s appointments, if it’s money, if it’s equipment, if it’s influence over students – you just always edge to get the best advantage you can and it becomes a kind of jungle.

One thought on “Education Lost: An Interview

  1. good stuff.

    by the way I’m glad you put your picture back up at the header of your blog. I like the simple white layout but also prefer a tiny bit of eye candy so I remember where I am.

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