The Triumph of the Octothorpe!


Say what??

If you don’t know what an Octothorpe is, you probably don’t need to feel bad. The word doesn’t appear in my Oxford Canadian Dictionary (I expected it somewhere between octosyllable and octroi–but alas! nothing!) but good old Wikipedia had it here.

In an article in the National Post this morning, Robert Fulford tells the story of “How Twitter saved the Octothorpe.” Indeed, GQ magazine has dubbed the octothorpe the “symbol of the year”!

Probably a lot of us know the octothorpe as the “number symbol” or the “pound key” on our phones. On Twitter it is now known as a “hashtag.”  And for those of you still puzzled, it is the symbol below (and not to be confused with the “sharp” sign or diese in music, which slants to the left!).

Oh, and if I had a Twitter account (I don’t), I think I’d categorize this rather “longish” (certainly more than 140 characters!) post under a new category: #Fun.


4 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Octothorpe!

  1. You should have a Twitter account, David. Then more people would read your deep theological posts about the Octothorpe 🙂
    Google @registrargrant for some examples of how I use it.

    • Nope. No cellphone required. Twitter’s just a microblog – a short, 140 character blog. My comment was a bit of an inside joke on Twitter. Twitter uses the # symbol to track trending topics. Often at the end of a twitter post someone will put something like #canucks or (in your case) #theology and then search for #theology and see just how many other people are talking about #theology and what they’re saying about it.

      So, in this case, if you posted #octothorpe you could create a trending topic about a trending topic. Whoa. #deepthoughts

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