Those crazy anti-filioquists!

You’ve all seen the crazy things people put on pieces of cardboard at hockey and football games, not to mention the slogans seen on strike lines and at protests. But this one is for that wild and crazy bunch which I simply call the “anti-filioquists”!

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HT: David Miller

5 thoughts on “Those crazy anti-filioquists!

      1. Thanks. I felt very bad that I didn’t know about your book sooner – by the time it came out we were already dealing with proofs. For this reason I’m especially interested to hear what you thought of my treatment of Barth. Barth, by the way, has always been one of my favorites – I visited his grave in Basel and keep a picture of him (actually a Time magazine cover) in my office. While this might sound odd coming from an Orthodox Christian, I think back on a lecture I heard at Princeton by Pelikan, claiming that he kept a picture of von Harnack (along with the Cappadocians) over his desk. If Pelikan can have von Harnack, then certainly a picture of Barth isn’t out of line. Cheers – both to you and our protester friend in the picture.

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