“The Wandering Evangelical”


Two things worth looking at:

1) I’ve been alerted to what appears to me to be a high quality online magazine called, Religion Dispatches or RD (not to be confused with that other religious journal, Reader’s Digest!). On RD’s “About” page, the online magazine is described as follows:

Religion Dispatches is a daily online magazine dedicated to the analysis and understanding of religious forces in the world today, highlighting a diversity of progressive voices and aimed at broadening and advancing the public conversation.

It is noteworthy that unlike some online magazines that may look to be a major operation but produced on some schmuck’s laptop while sipping Cappuccino’s at Starbuck’s, RD boasts an impressive advisory council of scholars, artists, businessmen, and public servants.

2) In light of #1 above, take a look at this fabulous article by Phil Majorins entitled, “A Wandering Evangelical.” It’s fabulous because Phil is an alumnus of Briercrest Seminary. (Ok, it would be a fabulous article even if Phil wasn’t one of our alumni. Just go read it.)

I happen to think that Phil puts into words what many evangelicals are struggling to articulate. Here’s  a sample paragraph to whet your appetite…

We [evangelicals] are now all grown up and own Mac laptops. We find Stephen Colbert mildly prophetic, read the Huffington Post and we eagerly awaited every new episode of Lost (even though many of us cringed at the ending). In short, we are culturally savvy. At the same time, we despise attempts to make the Christian faith cool or relevant. The faith is counter-cultural, but not cool. Rome and Hollywood don’t need each other in order to survive. We are more likely to possess a subscription to Rolling Stone or First Things than Relevant magazine. Some of us define ourselves as part of the Emerging movement, while at the same time we find it suspect—many of its branches too focused on individual spirituality and experience.

Ok…just go read it for yourself now...

Thanks, Phil!