Barth Conference and Princeton photos


Here’s a few photos from my recent Princeton trip. Enjoy!

Miller Chapel

Speers Library – Where I spent most of my time the last 2 weeks. The building, though beautiful, was built in the early 1950’s and is slated for demolition this summer to make way for a larger volume library.

One of the reasons I love studying at Princeton Seminary…one of two aisles of bound theological journals!

Travis McMacken (of Der Evanelische Theologe fame) and I sporting the trendy Karl Barth conference name-tags.

My “down-under” friends David and Ginny McGregor. (David teaches at Tabor Adelaide College in Australia).

Two rebel Barthians, Ethan Worthington (l.), a former John Webster student, now Youth Pastor, and Ben Platz  (r.), a fellow Canadian now working in France as a WEC missionary. Notice also their trendy name tags.

Dr. Eberhard Busch (one of Karl Barth’s last students and eminent theologian) and some other guy.

A panel shot of Paul Chung (l.), Bruce McCormack (c.) and Natan Kerr (r.) on the last day of the Barth conference.

A poorer shot of the panel… John Flett (background), Eberhard Busch (c.) and Mark Lindsay (r.)

Just one of the beautiful Princeton University buildings on Nassau St.