What’s so Great about Good Friday?


“What Jesus Christ has done, He has done, and God in Him, only for us and in our place. For us—which means not simply without us but against us; without any co-operation on our part but that which we see in the works of the human figures who surrounded Jesus Christ on Good Friday and who were only too truly our representatives. Those who believe in Him, who see in Him their Saviour and the Saviour of the world, will recognise themselves in these figures rather than in the innocence and patience, the obedience of Jesus Christ. . . . He has done all this alone. All discipleship, all fellowship of our being and activity with His, rests upon the fact that this is so, and that it is recognised to be so. It can and will happen only in faith in Him.”
Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, IV.1, 412.