Karl Barth as Missional Theologian


I won’t have opportunity this week to do my regular engagement with Barth’s Credo. However, I thought I would highlight an exciting conference coming up June 20-23 at Princeton Theological Seminary. The conference is entitled,”The Church Is As Such a Missionary Church: Barth as a “Missional Theologian.” I am planning to attend. Eberhard Busch is one of the keynote presenters. Will I see any of you there? (Having attended a few of these conferences in the past, I can testify that they are a blast!)

For a brochure, go here.

I’ll be away all of next week, so I will see you all the following week with the next installment of Credo!


3 thoughts on “Karl Barth as Missional Theologian

  1. David,

    It will be good to have you in town again. I’ll look forward to renewing our acquaintance.


    – Travis

  2. There are echoes of Barth in missional church writers like Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch (more in Frost). I would tell you more, but you could always just read my MRRP when I finally send it in 😉 In a video clip, Frost even names Barth as one of the theologians informing the movement.

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