Questioning Theological Interpretation


You should jump over to Theology Forum to read James Merrick’s fine “Musings on Reading the Bible Exegetically and Theologically with a Plea for Help.” He gives a lucid summary of some of the tensions being faced between those who advocate for a grammatical-historical reading of the Bible and those who, dissatisfied with this approach, seek a theological interpretative approach. At the end he asks, “I’m wondering if others who have wrestled similarly have found any answers or learned how to reconcile the two styles of reading or wish to correct my misconceptions that make a problem where there isn’t one.”

I think this could be a great discussion, and I’ll probably try to do my part to contribute, especially as I am on the verge of leading a seminar on  Barth’s Römberbrief this semester. But hopefully, others will be able to contribute as well.