Wacky weather


I just checked the national forecast for tomorrow. Regina’s forecast is a low of 5 Celsius and a high of 8. Yay. (That was a sarcastic “yay” in case you didn’t quite catch it). I was out for a walk this morning and wished I had worn gloves! It’s about 5 degrees out as I type…

But here’s the amazing thing: Tomorrow’s forecast (June 8/09) for Whitehorse, Yukon is projected to have a low of 12 and a high of 22–two degrees warmer than what is projected for Vancouver (20), and one degree warmer than Halifax (21)!!

So much for our Sunday School picnic outside today!


2 thoughts on “Wacky weather

  1. I would feel sorry for you but we have had a cool spring in Edmonton too. Things are several weeks late here. The folks here tell me it was a cooler and grayer winter than normal too. I think they just want me to stay šŸ˜‰

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