Rev. Ole and Pastor Sven


 Rev. Ole was the pastor of the local Norwegian Lutheran Church, and Pastor Sven was the minister of the Swedish Covenant Church across the road. 

One day they were both standing by the road, pounding a sign into the ground, which read:

“Da End iss Near! Turn Yourself Aroundt Now Before It’s Too Late!”

As a car sped past them, the driver leaned out his window and yelled, “Leave us alone, you religious nuts!”

A few moment later, there was the sound of screeching tires and a big splash.

Rev. Ole turns to Pastor Sven and asks, 

“Do ya tink maybe da sign should yust say ‘Bridge Out’?”


3 thoughts on “Rev. Ole and Pastor Sven

  1. Evelyn

    HI David, this joke reminds me of our missionary Fred Sig Odland, I am sure you must remember him. It made me laugh ! !

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