20 years ago today…


It was 20 years ago today (January 27, 1989) that I asked Maureen to marry me! It took place at her mom and dad’s house on the farm near Onoway, Alberta. She had just arrived home for the weekend from Briercrest through a crazy snowstorm and was just a little grouchy. But her grouchies disappeared when I took her to her room where I had decorated it, placed flowers, and had the ring ready to go! Let’s just say I’m so glad she said “yes”!

I asked her today if she would do it all again. She said, “Maybe” with that mischievous look in her eye that I so love!  (Of course, she knew that answer would drive me crazy…that’s why she said it!)

We celebrated tonight by going to see a movie together. We chose Gran Torino. I loved it; she said it was “ok” but definitely wouldn’t pick it as a favourite. I know Clint Eastwood isn’t for everyone!

The neat thing about the whole thing is that we were able to go out and didn’t need to get a babysitter! Yay!


I love you, Maureen. I’m so glad you said “yes”! Just so you know, I’d ask you again!




6 thoughts on “20 years ago today…

  1. bubbie

    awwwwwww bubbie!!!…you KNOW i “might’ say yes if you asked again 😉
    …bu really its such a weird question…you have no reason to ask again and to ask that weird question is just simply that…weird!!!…i dont play the “if” game so there!!!
    love you david!!!…today and always!!!
    love m

  2. Grant McMillan

    Congratulations and happy anniversary! All the x’s and o’s was a little on the sappy side, although Eastwood balanced that out 🙂

  3. Evelyn

    well it hardly seems possible that 20 years have gone by since that day.
    Congratulations to you both Love MOM G

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