Theology of Trust?


I have a colleague who is looking for a good theological work on the theme of “trust.” I am looking for your input. Have you read a good theologically oriented book on the theme of trust? What would you recommend?

If you are thinking of mentioning Volf’s Exclusion and Embrace, no need. That one is already on the list. I’ve also seen Martin Marty’s 2003 book, Speaking of Trust,  but don’t have access to it. Has anyone read it and can say something about it? 

Beyond that, any other suggestions?


One thought on “Theology of Trust?

  1. RogueMonk

    Mark C. Taylor has a book entitled “Confidence Games” (2004). Its a book that focusses on thinking theologically about economics. I read parts of it a few years ago. This is likely a weak lead for you, but it does interact with themes of trust–especially the final third of the book.

    Blessings, RogueMonk

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