mathematics and theological role models


An Oxford researcher by the name of Dr. Iphu B. Leevit has been studying the relationship of mathematics and theology. His study revealed that there is a sub-conscious mathematical element to an individual’s theological preferences. In order to demonstrate this, he came up with a simple mathematical formula that will reveal which theologian you are most likely to follow as a “theological role model.” The key to this working, of course, is that you answer the first question with what immediately comes to mind. If you don’t, the final result may be skewed.

So go ahead and try this simple exercise. Make sure you do all the calculations correctly and don’t “peek” ahead at the answers before finishing. 

1) Pick the number which first comes to mind between 1-9.

2) Multiply that number by 3. 

3) Add 3.

4) Multiply the answer by 3 (it’s ok if you have to use a calculator…no one will know!)

At this point you will get either a 2 or 3 digit number

5) Add the 2 or 3 digits together to get your final answer.

 Now with that number in mind, click here to see who your THEOLOGICAL ROLE MODEL is. Then enter the password “test” to see results. Quite astounding, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “mathematics and theological role models

  1. Well it doesn’t add up…or it always does…uhmm.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why the elected number wasn’t 2 for the second person of the Trinity, which since the game was rigged…well it is election in Jesus Christ isn’t? 😉

    Or is that Barthing up the wrong tree 😀

  2. Evelyn

    hmmm I think this test is rigged, I tired it with 3 different numbers and they all came out the same. I should have listened to you !!!! Evelyn

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