10 Exhortations to “Modern” and “Postmodern” Christians

My friend Dustin has a powerful post on the new cooperative blog Four, Seven and Twelvefold in which he gives us 10 exhortations to so-called postmodern Christians. I’d only add that I think these exhortations are worthy to be heard for both “modern” and “postmodern” Christians alike.

To give you a taste, I quote the first exhortation here:

1. Have no other Gods before YHWH. Remember, you’re identity is in your baptism and not in your location in any cultural movement. In fact, you may find that your cultural situation runs both with and against the grain of your Lord’s command (most likely the latter). Ultimately, appellations before the word “Christian” are not important. Take your guidance from that word alone.

. . . 

Dustin’s “application” of the 10 Commandments reminded me of one of Karl Barth’s essays written in 1933–also worth a read.

See Karl Barth,  “The First Commandment As an Axiom of Theology.” In The Way of Theology in Karl Barth: Essays and Comments, ed. H. Martin Rumscheidt. (Allison Park, PA: Pickwick Publications, 1986), 63-78.