Working at McGill

For the next week, I am back on some old stomping grounds, doing some research at McGill University. I’ll likely spend most of my time at the Birks Reading Room (located in the Birks Building where the Faculty of Religious Studies is located). Here’s a couple of pictures of the Birks building and the Reading Room respectively. Let’s just say that I’m excited to be back! 


6 thoughts on “Working at McGill

  1. Now there is a place that looks like a Library.
    From the looks of the lower pic.
    I could study there, all day.
    Pack me in your suit case next time.

  2. RogueMonk, I’m working on an introductory text on Trinitarian theology. Manuscript is due to IVP this winter, so I’m at McGill picking up sources I can’t access at home.

    Neil–sorry, but I think you’d put me over the luggage load limit! 😉

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