Did Jesus Go to Church?


I also have my Truth and Method class read the little classic article by B. B. Warfield called, “The Religious Life of Theological Students.” It seems that every time I read it, there is a new nugget. In light of my recent comments on going to church, this struck home especially for me:

Surely, if ever there was one who might justly plead that the common worship of the community had nothing to offer him it was the Lord Jesus Christ. But every Sabbath found him seated in his place among the worshipping people and there was no act of stated worship which he felt himself entitled to discard. Even in his most exalted moods and after his most elevating experiences, he quietly took his place with the rest of God’s people, sharing with them in the common worship of the community. . . . ‘He entered, as his custom was, into the synagogue, on the Sabbath day.’ ‘As his his custom was’! Jesus Christ made it his habitual practice to be found in his place on the Sabbath day at the stated place of worship to which he belonged. (38)

Warfield, Benjamin B. “The Religious Life of Theological Students.” Themelios 24, no. 3 (May 1999): 31-41.


3 thoughts on “Did Jesus Go to Church?

  1. A good reminder. It reminds me too of the Jewishness of Jesus and His life. In a sense I suppose it was part of fulling and not abolishing the Law (Mat 5:17). Certainly His life must be more than just a fading echo down through the centuries, He must be present. That we my desire to be where Jesus desires to be present through His people.

  2. Neil E. Dainio

    Yes, I agree Bill, for Jesus a synagogue was a house of worship, teaching, learning, discussion, growing and the life center for those around HIM and the same can be said for HIS people, the Jews. For HIM it was a place for praying, a place to study the Scriptures, and a place to be with other Jews. It was a very important place for Jesus, and HE made it a habit of going there. “As was His custom,” HIS habit. I get the feeling that the synagogue was more than a once a week, one hour a week event. So I ask, Why are we only going to church on Sunday mornings (with the exception of men like you Bill who work in the synagogue.) It seems to me that it was more than a habit for Jesus and for us it is not even an important habit.

  3. Well Neil, since the congregation I pastor meets in a school, I go to the basement every morning to study and take care ministry…not the synagogue 😉

    Joking aside, I hear your heart and agree.

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