Primer on the Church Dogmatics by Karl Barth

I am about to embark upon the third year of gathering together weekly with a group of students and friends to read slowly and discuss a section of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. It has been a rich and rewarding experience for me–and I hope for those participating.

Two years ago I wrote a short “Primer” on reading Karl Barth’s CD, and earlier this summer updated and expanded it slightly. I give copies of this out to participants each year. Just in case there are others who might be interested, I’ve included a pdf copy of the file here. To access the file, go to the bottom right hand column of this page to the “Box net” file sharing widget. You can download a copy of the pdf there if you are interested.

Or, you can simply click here.



6 thoughts on “Primer on the Church Dogmatics by Karl Barth

  1. Hey Dave

    Yes, I am looking forward to Barth reading group. It has been one the high lights of my Seminary experience. May the LORD our GOD and KING continue to lead and guide us through the writings of brother Barth.

  2. Thanks I will download and read this now.

    I just got my Electronic copy from Logos of the T & T clark edition. It has a volume 14 which is a General Index for pastors and people who want to teach from Barth. Are you familiar with this volume?

    In January, I will begin a year long “Mondays with Barth” where I will post an important section from my readings and open it up for discussion. Maybe some quality folks like yourself will come by and help out us newbies 🙂

    Thanks for the resource!

  3. I hope your group will have great joy in your “Mondays with Barth” meetings.

    Yes, volume 14 is the index volume also in the print volume as well. It is very valuable, but realize that the index isn’t always as complete or exhaustive as I would like it to be. And yes, I do own the Electronic copy of the CD as well.


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